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Franklin D. Roosevelt once said "A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor". The challenges that lie ahead at first were overwhelming but then, we put lớn work one of the skills we learned in drum corps. Resiliency!!

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Over the last decade, DCA has evolved greatly. Fusion core was born during that evolution. While many of its founding members were involved in drum corps going as far as back as the 1960s, the majority of its members were new to the activity. The mixture of the two helped Fusion core embrace drum corps’ roots while keeping up with the forward movement of the activity.

Since early spring when the official 2020 season had been cancelled, Fusion core has taken the opportunity khổng lồ seek out new & innovating ways to salvage the season. Fusion has been exploring ways khổng lồ create a program that will comply within the restrictions that have been mix by the state of NJ and the rest of the United States và by operating cautiously under CDC guidelines.

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While the Administration has been busy working out the details lớn get back outside, Fusion Core’s extremely dedicated staff has continued to work with the members virtually during this time to help continue educating members, as well as fueling individual growth.

With the lack of the ability lớn include drill & limitations on the number of participants, Fusion Core’s commitment to “PPE”, Pride, Performance và Excellence, is more important now than ever. We are dedicated to lớn the art of Drum Corps. Despite the limit to the amount of people that can participate và the boundaries that are now part of our everyday lives, Fusion bộ vi xử lý core looks forward to lớn “fielding” a hàng hóa that demonstrates our pride for the activity, energy, dedication from the membership & a performance that will entertain regardless of the current limitations. Learning how khổng lồ operate within this new age of drum corps will help mold the drum corps arena post Covid.

Thankfully Drum Corps International has developed a virtual competitive venue that includes all age members who are affiliated with a Drum Corps Associates thành viên corps. There will be opportunities for Individuals and Ensembles. Fusion bộ vi xử lý core is excited to get back lớn work with the hopes of entering one or more of the venues offered.

Fusion Core, and all Drum Corps, have a long road ahead. Our ability khổng lồ adapt to the challenges brought on by a global pandemic will ensure our future. We hope that you will tư vấn us during these challenging times.