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The final season of Anne with an E is now available on Netflix. Anne turns 16, finishes up her last year in her small school, & goes away to lớn college. She learns more about herself and finally notices boys.

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Amybeth McNulty plays Anne. She’s more mature now, but still as emotional, impulsive, and irrepressible as ever. Amybeth McNulty did an amazing job bringing Anne lớn life through all 3 seasons. Her dialog was daunting, the physicality required was demanding, và the emotional highs and lows of her volatile character were challenging. She made it look natural và charmed while doing it.


Diana (Dalila Bela) remained Anne’s “bosom friend” through everything as they counted down the days khổng lồ when they would leave home to continue their educations.

Anne embarked on an adventure to lớn discover more about herself. She visited her old orphanage – a horrible experience that brought back bad memories. She looked through church records. Finally she learned that her parents came from Scotland. With help from Marilla (Geraldine James) và Matthew (R.H. Thomson), she learned even more about her biological parents. A big part of Anne’s emotional arc in season 3 is learning to lớn trust that people can love her và won’t leave her for small slights. Finding her origins helped with that.

Anne with an E was created Moira Walley-Beckett based on the novel by Lucy Maud Montgomery. The folks who complained that the first two seasons strayed from the original by making the story more feminist will probably decry the feminist storylines in season 3. It gave the series a contemporary feel & put issues of autonomy that we still struggle with front và center.

Civic action!

The students are all 15, 16 & 17 years old now. They are interested in holding hands and kissing. When one of the boys upsets one of the girls by being too pushy and touchy when she says no, Anne writes a full page editorial on the rights of women that upsets the entire town. She does it in the middle of the night without the supervision of the teacher, Miss Stacy (Joanna Douglas). It takes several episodes to work through the results of her impulsive outburst. It also means there are several episodes centered around equality for women.


Mary (Cara Ricketts) and Bash (Dalmar Abuzeid) have a baby girl. When Mary gets sick, townswomen step up khổng lồ care for the infant. Finally, Bash asks his mother Hazel (Melanie Nicholls-King) khổng lồ come from Trinidad khổng lồ help out. Her arrival with her rigid views on race allow the series to deal with racism from a slightly different perspective.

Mary’s plight helps Gilbert (Lucas Jade Zumann) decide he wants to lớn go into medical research & immunology rather than be a country doctor.

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Another racial issue that is introduced in season 3 of Anne with an E involves the Mi’kmaq people. Anne befriends a First Nations girl named Ka’Kwet (Kiawenti:io Tarbell) và her parents. At about the same time, the government steps in & wants khổng lồ put all the native children in boarding schools so they can get the native out of them and make them act white. Although the story looks at the horrors of the schools, it drops the story before it’s finished. If they were going to bring Indian schools into the season, they should have dealt with it through to lớn the end instead of just dropping it mid-story.

Maybe having the trắng people drop it from their awareness without a care for the fate of the children locked in the schools was the point of that story arc. But it left me upset that Ka’Kwet’s story went unresolved. Based on this tweet, the folks telling the story didn’t see it quite lượt thích I do.

"It shows us ourselves, và allows us to step into the shoes of another that we didn’t expect lớn stand in…" –

Did I say earlier that there was some interest in kissing? Yes, it happened.


Like any proper love story, it took Anne và Gilbert many emotional moments of push và pull khổng lồ finally agree that they liked each other. We have to wait to lớn the very end for them khổng lồ come together as a thắm thiết pairing. Then they immediately head off lớn different colleges with promises to write.

Multiple episodes of the season were directed by women. The women directors included Amanda Tapping, Anne Wheeler, & Norma Bailey.


This trailer was made for Canadian TV. Season 3 began streaming in the US in January on Netflix.