Attouteki gacha un de isekai o nariagaru!


It was a gacha experience in a world of swords và magic that the late Jinta Kazama reincarnated in after an accident. But after the reincarnation, a status abnormality was found. His stat had a numerical value of <999,999>, when its normal maximum was <99>, he has become—– The Strongest weapon of mythlogical grade was won in the first gacha! “I won this house with gacha!” “Our pet is a dragon?”

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Ready for an adventure that"s out of this world? We"ve gacha covered.Norl"s a cutting-edge cutie with a cutting edge who"s a cut above the rest. Heihachi"s just your average thiết bị di động game addict with a whale-sized hole in his wallet.But one day, he pulls an sản phẩm that pulls him into another world, spinning his life around with a spin of the gacha.Attacked by monsters, and left without options, Heihachi does what he knows best—roll gacha! khổng lồ his surprise, he watches his unit materialize before his eyes. Heihachi"s used to seeing dễ thương girls pop up on his phone, but he"s never seen one pop out of his phone! Join him on his quest to lớn collect OP UR QTs! (That"s Overpowered Ultra Rare Cuties.)

TagsActionAdventureComedyEcchiFantasyHaremSeinenCheatsIsekaiMonstersPerson in a Strange WorldRPGViolenceShinrigaku de Isekai Harem KenkokukiVol: 2; Ch: 10MangaUp!2019
TagsAdventureComedyFantasyIsekaiPerson in a Strange WorldIsekai ni Otosareta… Jouka wa Kihon!Vol: 2+; Ch: 14+Comic Corona2020 - ?

One day, a dull young man from nhật bản gets caught up in a heroic summoning & goes lớn another world. The next time he wakes up, he"s not in a castle with a king, but in a deep forest since the summoning failed! You"d think he"d be at a loss, but he starts living a life of survival with a positive attitude that doesn"t involve deep thought!Then, before he knows it, he saves the cursed forest và magical beasts one after another with his magical powers, và is befriended by wolves và dogs in a healing paradise! However, he doesn"t realize that they are actually legendary demonic beasts and spirits at all. What"s more, that they are adored!

TagsAdventureFantasyIsekaiPerson in a Strange WorldHell Mode: The Hardcore game thủ Dominates in Another World with Garbage BalancingVol: 3+; Ch: 25+Comic Earth Star2020 - ?

""Level up even while offline"?! That’s not a game on "easy mode"—that’s just an AFK game!" The online trò chơi Yamada Kenichi had been playing religiously is shutting down its servers, leaving him with a void in his heart. He looks for a new game to fill it, but everything he finds is way too easy. The kind of trò chơi he likes—the kind punishing enough to lớn make players want lớn spend thousands of hours on it—just isn’t around anymore. "What’s this? "You are invited to a trò chơi that will never end."" Kenichi stumbles upon an untitled game, one promising incomparable challenge with unprecedented potential. Without hesitation, he selects the "Hell Mode" difficulty. Lo & behold, he finds himself reincarnated in another world as a serf! Now called Allen, he sets out lớn unlock the secrets of his mystery-laden Summoner class; without the convenience of walkthroughs, game guides, or online forums, he must grope his way khổng lồ the vị trí cao nhất of his new world!

TagsActionAdventureComedyFantasyIsekaiPerson in a Strange WorldJuuma khổng lồ Tsukuru Isekai DungeonVol: 1+; Ch: 7+MangaUp!2021 - ?

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TagsAdventureFantasyDungeonIsekaiPerson in a Strange WorldMeikyuu: Labyrinth Kingdom, A Tactical Fantasy World Survival GuideVol: 3+; Ch: 15+MangaUp!2021 - ?

After being transported khổng lồ another world, one man"s mission is to rebuild a kingdom. He has a very particular phối of skills and he"s ready to face any obstacle because...who dares, wins! Monster, dungeon, and war stand no chance against the special forces!

TagsActionAdventureFantasyIsekaiPerson in a Strange WorldTensei-saki wa Moumoku Youjo deshita: Zense no Kioku to Mahou wo Tayori ni IkinobimasuVol: 1+; Ch: 2+Regina2022 - ?

Countess Phyllis is reincarnated with memories of her previous life intact. Phyllis is mistreated by her family because she is blind. She has a constitution that somehow has more mana than others, & one of the reasons she is heavily disliked is because of her ability to use magic without difficulty. As the story begins, Phyllis is attacked by demons while out on the road. She then finds herself alone at the bottom of a deep valley... In despair, she is saved by a large wolf, a "sacred beast" of legend.Together with this wolf, Garu, Phyllis sets out on her adventure.

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Outbreak CompanyTV (12 eps)feel.2013

After suffering a heart-wrenching rejection, anime và manga-loving Shinichi Kanou shuts himself off from the world and becomes a hikikomori. But the boy"s solitary life soon comes khổng lồ an end when he"s hired as an ambassador to a newly-discovered world, where the only job criteria is lớn be ahardcoreotaku! Now the boy must work hard lớn spread the word of this unique, nerdy culture in hopes of strengthening relations between the other world"s citizens và Japan. And in a land filled with dragons, half-elf maids, và a teenage queen, it shouldn"t be that hard... Right?

TagsComedyFantasyIsekaiOtaku CulturePerson in a Strange WorldSaikyou Onmyouji no Isekai TenseikiOther

Haruyoshi is the strongest onmyouji in his world. He"s betrayed by his friends and, on the verge of death, he wishes lớn be happy in his next life. He then attempts a secret reincarnation spell. The spell is a success và he is reincarnated, but somehow it"s in another world. He is reborn into a distinguished family of wizards, but is judged khổng lồ have no magical ability. He soon realizes however that the magic in this world is nothing compared to his old onmyou arts, & he declares that he doesn"t need magic. He thus begins his easy life in another world with his onmyou arts và a multitude of youkai creatures who follow him.

TagsActionFantasyIsekaiPerson in a Strange WorldThe Faraway Paladin: The Path TakenTV Special (1 ep)Children’s Playground Entertainment2021
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In the ruined đô thị of the dead far from human civilization lives a single human child named Will. He is raised by three undead: Blood the heroic skeleton warrior, Mary the ladylike mummy priestess, & Gus the crotchety ghost wizard. The three of them teach the boy what they know & pour their love into him. One day, the boy begins to lớn wonder, "Who am I?" Will uncovers the mysteries of the undead hidden in this faraway land. He learns of the love và mercy of good gods, as well as the paranoia & madness of evil gods. And once he learns it all, the boy embarks on the path lớn becoming a Paladin.

TagsActionAdventureFantasyIsekaiMedievalPerson in a Strange WorldReincarnationRainbow MountainOVA (1 ep)Toei Animation2003

Three friends face many challenges on their adventure khổng lồ Rainbow Mountain, a magical place where the first rainbow is said to lớn have been created.

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TagsAdventureFantasyFamily FriendlyIsekaiKuma Kuma Kuma Bear 2TV EMT Squared

Second season of Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear.

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The second season ofIn Another World With My Smartphone.

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MangaXexpertsMay 8, 2022

Jinta, who has never returned in a traffic accident, meets the goddess, Leafa, in heaven.Jinta was supposed to reach Heaven under the guidance of Leafa,Reincarnated in a different world from a strange thing.Immediately after reincarnating, the abnormal status of Jinta was discovered.Originally the maximum value of luck should be "99", but the value of Jinta is "999999"...Main character is super lucky and overpowered from the start. Side character are a little bit vague và generic. The story is also a bit more on the generic side. This manga is more suited for people looking for a laid back adventure.


Mc is overwhelming in many ways he is asimp simple person in every way . Goddess is useless and is a waitage on mc . Story is kinda good & peaceful