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Sri Lanka is a tropical island that sees sunshine & warm temperatures throughout much of the year. However, there is confusion about the best time khổng lồ visit as there are two monsoons that affect different parts of the island. The weather in Sri Lanka does not run lượt thích clockwork: you could wake up to clear xanh skies in the rainy season, và equally encounter a thunderstorm in the dry season. Embracing the elements is part of the fun, but with careful planning, we can maximise your chances of great weather conditions.

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Ultimately, the best time lớn go khổng lồ Sri Lanka depends on where you’d like to stay và what you’d lượt thích to do. We know the country inside out và will put in as much adventure, luxury or comfort as you wish. Whether you’re interested in cultural festivals, exotic wildlife or just want some reliable beach weather, our experts can help you work out the best time for your luxury holiday lớn Sri Lanka.


When to visit Sri Lanka (Quick Summary)

Best Time

Jan - Apr (Entire Country)Mid-July - Sep (Entire Country)Feb - Sep (North & East)

Monsoon Season

May - Jul (South-West Monsoon)Oct - Jan (North-East Monsoon)

Beach Season

Jan - Apr (South)May - Sep (East)Mid-July to Sep (South)


Dec - Apr (Bundala National Park - birds)(South coast - whales)Nov - Apr (Kalpitya - dolphins)Jul - Sep (Minneriya / Kaudulla - Elephants)Jan - Oct (Yala/Wilpattu - leopards)

Weather in Sri Lanka Throughout the Year

January - March

A fantastic time to travel across the whole country, Sri Lanka is generally basking in sunshine and relatively dry all over throughout these months. Temperatures will be lovely and warm, although a cảm biến cooler up in the Hill Country. Beaches on the south và west coasts are dry, hot and sunny.


Sri Lanka’s weather in April is usually at its hottest và driest - especially in the central & Cultural Triangle regions with temperatures at least in the mid-30°Cs. It’s a great month lớn head lớn the beach, with clear skies and long, sunny days. Make sure to lớn avoid the hottest hours of the day (11am-3pm) when sightseeing during April.

May - June

The south-west monsoon blows through May and June, but as the name suggests it only affects the south-west quarter of the country such as Colombo và Galle. It is also the more gentle of the two monsoons that Sri Lanka experiences, with mainly short & sharp showers that tend to pass quite quickly.

July - September

This is what is known as "inter-monsoon" season, meaning that spare the odd shower, the weather is great at this time of year. Temperatures remain high across the country at around 29°C average and the beaches are hot & dry. A brilliant option for families looking for a tropical summer holiday and all in all, a great period to travel.

October - November

The north-east monsoon blows in October & November, and it is the heavier of the two monsoons that Sri Lanka experiences. Whilst the name may lend itself to lớn the north-east only, this monsoon does in fact affect the whole country. This monsoon can be unpredictable – it can be stronger, lighter or more sporadic than past years, and sometimes it never comes at all!


Weather in Sri Lanka in December is typically hot & dry across the island, making it a lovely choice for a Christmas or winter break. It is worth noting that in recent years, there have been instances of monsoon rains lasting into December, but these usually calm by the end of the month. The plus side is that the seasonal rains help restore the lush green landscapes, making holidaying soon afterwards an exceptionally beautiful time to enjoy the rural regions.


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Monsoon seasons in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s two monsoon seasons can often leave travellers confused as to lớn the best time to lớn visit. Essentially, the south-western monsoon runs between May và July. This tends to lớn be the gentler of the two monsoons and, as the name suggests, affects only the southwest of the country.

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By contrast, the northeast monsoon runs between October and November. These monsoon winds are slightly more unpredictable; they bring rains heavily some years, barely at all in others, and can affect all parts of the country (not only the northern and eastern regions).

It is important to remember that rains can occur at any time in Sri Lanka. But, unless you’re travelling in the height of the monsoon, this will rarely be so dramatic to lớn stand that it stands in the way of a brilliant holiday. And, since the monsoons affect different parts of the island at different times, you can always find somewhere in Sri Lanka with lovely weather.

Beach và Wildlife Season in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is fringed on all sides with a beautiful coastline, & you can find brilliant beach conditions in different places throughout the year. Overall, the best weather for beaches in Sri Lanka is between December & April, making it an ideal ‘winter sun’ destination. This is when most of the country has hot weather & clear skies, và the seas off the western & southern coastlines are peaceful & calm. For those looking to lớn travel over the UK summer, you can experience lovely weather (and calm seas) on Sri Lanka’s East Coast in spots like Trincomalee, Pasikudah & Arugam Bay.

From Wilpattu in the northwest khổng lồ Udawalawe in the south, Sri Lanka is blanketed in national parks, so there will always be a place for wildlife lovers to lớn get their fix. For the best chance of spotting leopards, Yala National Park in the southeast is at its best from December - March. The world’s largest gathering of Asian elephants occurs in Minneriya National Park from August khổng lồ September.

Key Dates and Festivals

Sri Lanka’s annual calendar is brimming with exciting events that you may wish to plan your holiday around. Sinhala và Tamil New year, for example, comes in April và brings with it vibrant festivities. In July or August, depending on the year, you can witness Kandy Esala Perahera, one of Sri Lanka’s oldest và most extravagant festivals. For sports fans, Experience Travel Group also arrange tours around events lượt thích the England Cricket Tour of Sri Lanka, where you can enjoy the game as part of a bespoke holiday (cast the usual sports tour stereotypes from your mind!).

National bank holidays known as Poya days also occur every month in Sri Lanka. These are Buddhist celebrations that vì not usually disrupt travel, but travellers should lưu ý that certain shops, restaurants và experiences will close on these days và alcohol is prohibited (though, if you are keen for a drink, you can usually purchase this the day before). Your travel consultant will always let you know if your holiday falls on a Poya day in Sri Lanka.

Climate & geography of Sri Lanka

The climate in Sri Lanka is typical of tropical countries with year-round hot temperatures moderated by oceanic winds. There are three distinct climate regions within this relatively small island in the Indian ocean: the so-called "dry zone" which is the region lớn the northeast & south-west, characterised by both dry & tropical periods; the central highlands with a cooler tropical monsoon climate & the "wet zone" - the southwestern quarter with a tropical wet climate. The climate is influenced by the direction of the monsoon winds and the shelter provided by the central highlands.