Clash of Magic is a working private hệ thống of Clash of Clans with unlimited resources. Also, it has multiplayer battles & clan system!

Clash of Magic APK (2023) is a custom hệ thống of Official COC which is developed by third-party developers in năm ngoái and includes more features than the original game. Including this mod, there are many other custom servers that also include pretty cool features. Tải về the latest version of Clash of Magic APK & Read all the information below lớn get khổng lồ know more about it.

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The Clash of Magic Updated Version is magical. Beautiful healers, awesome wizards, dangerous witches, fire-breathing dragons, and all clash for one thing which is victory, isn’t it magical? It is lượt thích the original game but way better than it. Now you will ask how? Cool down, we are here lớn help you just read more down below.

Clash of Magic Features 2023

Updated Clash of Magic ServerTown Hall 15 AvailableUnlimited GemsUnlimited gold, elixirs, dark elixirsVery fast và anti-lag serverRegular updatesAnti-ban & no bugsUpgrade buildings in just 1-gold coin360-degree Air sweeperAll goblin stages available1v1 battle is also availableiOS CompatibilityEasy lớn Install và DownloadCompatible With All app android DevicesRoot không tính phí Installation

What’s quality in Clash of Magic?


After this, your device is ready to start Clash of Magic MOD.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

There are some questions that you must think about before installing this APK and don’t go anywhere because I will answer them right here!

Can I run my old Clash of Clans tài khoản in Clash of Magic?

No! Because it has a different vps than the original game, that’s why you can’t run your old COC tài khoản on this thủ thuật version.

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Is Clash of Magic free?

Yes! it is 100% free, unlike COC, you don’t have to buy those costly gems with money because it offers unlimited gems.

This gian lận is regularly updated?

Yes! It is updated from time to time as mentioned earlier. So don’t worry. Get yourself ready to have an awesome experience with this server.

Can I run it on my táo devices?

Yes! Clash of Magic supports game android devices as well as táo bị cắn devices! So bởi not worry if you have an táo bị cắn device, just download the ios version in the download section và get ready lớn clash!


Do you lượt thích Clash of Magic? If you do, don’t forget to leave a comment! Your opinion is valuable, valuable like unlimited gems! Which are featured in this hack version. If you don’t want to tải về this APK and just want khổng lồ enjoy the original COC, then it’s okay! But if you ever feel like using new troops and cool stuff lượt thích unlimited resources và max base. Just tải về the apk for android right now, It is không tính phí and safe.