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Kansas – Dust In The Wind Guitar Lesson Pt.1 – Intro & Verse | See Lyrics free.

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This đoạn clip guitar lesson is designed lớn teach you all of the beautiful guitar parts for “Dust In The Wind” by Kansas. This tuy vậy is one of the most popular fingerstyle guitar guitar pieces ever written. As incredible as this song sounds it is actually only one fingerpicking pattern throughout, making it a great piece khổng lồ learn.The fingerpicking style that we are working with in “Dust In the Wind” is called Travis picking. Travis picking is the technique of using the thump khổng lồ pick two repetitive bass notes to lớn create a rhythmic và harmonic foundation for the song. It is used by not only Kansas, but by such players as Lindsay Buckingham and Chet Atkins as well.

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Within these clip lessons you will learn all of the intricacies of this gorgeous piece of music from the acoustic guitar parts to lớn the viola/violin solo. That’s right, in this clip guitar lesson series I have also arranged the classic viola & violin solo section for guitar lớn give you a complete study of this classic rock masterpiece.

There are actually two guitars playing during the original recording of “Dust In The Wind”. One guitar is in standard tuning and the other is using Nashville tuning. Nashville tuning is the process of tuning the EADG (6543) strings an octave higher than standard. This almost gives a 12 string guitar effect khổng lồ the song. Within this đoạn clip guitar lesson I will be using a standard tuned guitar throughout. Good luck!!

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So you have finished watching topic Kansas – Dust In The Wind Guitar Lesson Pt.1 – Intro & Verse already.

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dust in the wind lyrics

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