Jane the killer: the real story

Who Is Jane The Killer? Creepypasta Character Explained Jane The Killer is a cult character for Creepypasta fans và the nemesis of Jeff The Killer. Here is her twisted origin story.

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She"s one of the most popular Creepypasta characters but who is Jane The Killer? Creepypasta refers lớn a type of horror fiction that became popular around the start of the millennium. The term itself is a combination of creepy và copypasta, with the stories typically being copied và pasted around the net. These stories are usually written from a first-person perspective, with the author experiencing some horrific or creepy supernatural event.

Probably the most famous example of a creepypasta character would be Slender Man, a tall, faceless creature that kidnaps children. He"s appeared in numerous short films, clip games, & the 2018 Slender Man film. Other examples include the "NES Godzilla Creepypasta," an in-depth story about a player"s experience with a haunted Godzilla game, và "Ted The Caver," where the title character explores a mysterious cave. Creepypasta also inspired the SyFy anthology series Channel Zero, which featured adaptations of stories lượt thích "Candle Cove" in season 1 and "The No-End House" in season 2.

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Another haunting Creepypasta creation is Jeff The Killer, who was once a normal teenager who went insane after being deformed during a brutal attack. This leaves his skin ghostly white & he later burns off his eyelids and carves a Glasgow smile onto his face, in a similar fashion lớn Heath Ledger"s Joker in The Dark Night. Jeff is known for creeping in victims rooms & whispering "Go khổng lồ Sleep" before killing them. Jeff"s killing spree also resulted in the creation of his nemesis, Jane The Killer.

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There are actually a few different versions of Jane The Killer floating around, who has become something of a cult icon in the creepypasta fan community. The most commonly accepted take on Jane is that she was a neighbor of Jeff before he went insane, and her family became victims once he became a killer. Jane was also disfigured by Jeff, which leaves her with trắng skin & black eyes. A family was later found murdered, with a letter left behind by Jane revealing she killed her victims because she imagines them as Jeff. She also states she"s coming to lớn get him.

In response khổng lồ Jeff"s famous "Go to sleep." quote, Jane"s line is "Don"t go to lớn sleep. You won"t wake up." Jane The Killer is considered somewhat sympathetic since she"s a victim seeking vengeance, but in most versions of the story, she still kills innocent people. Fans picture a Freddy Vs Jason-style showdown between the two, with only one surviving. Certain sections of the fanbase also imagine the pair as lovers, but given their shared history, this feels like a stretch.