Last year we had a bumper crop of strawberries


MEAD, Wash. - Growers in Green Bluff are reaping the benefits of a wet spring in the midst of strawberry season.

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"It"s like winning the Stanley Cup for me," said Jason Morrell, owner of Walters" Fruit Ranch. "It"s the closest I"m ever going to lớn get."

Morrell says he"s not alone, & calls this year"s strawberry haul "unprecedented."

"All the strawberry growers, it"s been nuts with how bumper of a crop we"ve had."

A bumper crop, meaning an unusually large harvest–and in this case, it"s strawberries.

The early rain combined with recent heat has strawberries as far as the eye can see ready to lớn be picked.

Morrell says he"s seeing people get in and out with a box stacked khổng lồ the brim with strawberries in ten minutes.

"If you"ve ever picked strawberries out at Green Bluff you know how crazy that sounds," Morrell said. "Usually you"re looking at an hour, half hour to do your work."

If there"s been any negative impact from this spring"s rain, Morrell said it might be on his cherry crop–which may be a little lighter than normal this year.

"I would give up the little bit of cherries we lost for the amount of strawberries we have this year," Morrell said.

And what vì people bởi vì with those strawberries? Pickers out at Walters" strawberry fields said they"d make pies, ice cream, angel food cake, and smoothies.

The options are aplenty, and there"s still time to make it up to Green Bluff for strawberry season this year.

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"Last year we were already done with strawberry season," Morrell said. "This year we still have a couple more weeks lớn go."

Morrell said they"ll have picking times through the next couple weeks, and to keep an eye on their website and their Facebook page for updated times.

For information on the various farms at Green Bluff–including strawberry growers–visit the Green Bluff Growers" website by clicking here.

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