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or I O : Zoom in/out
or W A S D : Move map Don" show this again.
mặc định
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Label Legend Dark Label Legend Aqua Label Legend Cork Label Legend Ocean Label Legend Ash Label Legend Matrix Label Legend The 90s Label Legend

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Select the color you want và click on a country on the map. Right-click on it to lớn remove its color, hide it, and more.

Region Selection

Select a region và click COLOR REGION. Note that if a country belongs to lớn two or more regions, it will have the màu sắc of the last region that was added.

Choose Region European Union Eurozone NATO African Union Arab League Schengen Area OECD G7 NAFTA BRICS ASEAN Gulf Cooperation Council OPEC Northern Africa Eastern Africa Western Africa Middle Africa Southern Africa Northern America Central America South America Caribbean Northern Europe Western Europe Eastern Europe Southern Europe Central Asia Eastern Asia Western Asia Southern Asia South-eastern Asia nước australia and New Zealand Melanesia Polynesia Micronesia EMEA APAC Americas MENA màu sắc REGION

Add a title for the map" legend và choose a label for each màu sắc group. Change the màu sắc for all countries in a group by clicking on it.

Drag the legend on the maps to mix its position or resize it. Use legend options khổng lồ change its color, font, & more.

When ready, select Preview Map. Then, download the maps with right click > Save image as... or select Download Map.