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Shoot Em’ Ups (or Shmups for short) have been a long-time genre associated with đoạn phim games. The điện thoại gaming market is no stranger khổng lồ them as titles lượt thích Sky Champ, Sky Force Reloaded, or Shootero have been around to entertain thousands of shmup fans all across the globe. One such trò chơi riding the wave of blasting baddies across the skies (or in space) is Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter.

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Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter features a colorful fleet of ships for you khổng lồ pilot and an even more colorful fleet of alien forces ready to lớn ruin your missions. Unlike most shmups available today, you bởi vì not collect new weapons, but you transform your ships mid-fight.


This is a bộ vi xử lý core mechanic of the game. It is your duty khổng lồ keep the galaxy safe from the alien invaders by blowing holes through their ranks và formations, but sometimes skill alone won’t save you!

In this Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter guide, we will show you how lớn win your battles as well as survive this grand-scale galactic war. If you wish lớn improve your skill as a pilot, read our guide below!

1. Spend Your Gold và Crystals Efficiently

Pretty, pretty. Shiny, shiny.

Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter will throw you several different options on where you might want lớn spend your gold. Some of these would be upgrading your ships, learning new talents ala Archero, buying new ships, & a few others. Depending on you, you might think that buying any of these would be a good idea.

Sure, some of them will help, but let us tell you now that getting new talents is a gamble. You might get something completely useless (e.g. Drone upgrades when you don’t have drones) or something that doesn’t impact your performance in the long run (e.g. Event item drops).

Spending your hard-earned gold on new ships is also not that great of an idea since you don’t exactly start with the new ship you buy, you just have a greater chance of having it pop up as a drop.

Crystals are just as important as gold. Gaining crystals is easy even if you aren’t sending the developers some love. Completing achievements & participating in PvP will net you a few crystals here và there and thus, saving these for when you really need them will definitely benefit you greatly.

Instead of spending your resources on better ships or more gold through crystals, focus on upgrading your first three ships và save your crystals for extra lives. With enough upgrades, these three basic ships, while lacking any of the fancy guns the later ships have, will definitely carry you far. The next thành tựu in this guide explains why.

2. Understand & Upgrade Your Ships

Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter heavily relies on the transforming mechanic. Every time you collect the icon of a different ship, your current ship changes into that very ship that dropped. But while transforming ships can aid in different situations, it’s best that you stick to a favorite và focus your upgrades on that one ship.

But as the game goes, the ship transformations are dropped by chance, so buying the transformation before a mission starts (at a very low 500 gold for the first three starters) will greatly benefit you if your chosen ship is your favorite. Naturally, rarer ships are more expensive but the chances of you getting such ships is slim. This is why we will focus on the first three beginner ships.

Let us briefly talk about them and their abilities:

Blast ’em all to lớn bits!

Pulse Blast – This green ship fires a cone of energy at the enemy fleets. You always start with this one và compared to lớn its two counterparts, it is the most balanced. The cone consists of several shots fanning out into a wide spread. Having enemies dive into the energy cone will guarantee them certain death since the shots funnel into a narrow, compressed group.

In other words, they receive damage from the shots all at once. The Pulse Blast is great for both focused fire và crowd-clearing, but not as good at either compared khổng lồ the other two ships. Upgrade this one plenty if you want khổng lồ conserve gold; you won’t have khổng lồ buy a ship of your choice if this one is stronger than the others. Additionally, keeping the Pulse Blast could give you a headstart in most PvP matches since everyone starts with it.

Set the universe on fire!

Hurricane Hawk – A bright red ship that fires a steady stream of searing energy bolts. Its shots fire rapidly in waves of red-hot blasts that easily melt enemy spacecraft.

However, unlike the Pulse Blast & the Wisdom Glory, the Hurricane Hawk does poorly when it needs to annihilate multiple enemies at a time. Instead, its strength lies in columnar destruction. It can make short work of columns in the enemy fleet while still flaunting plenty of style.

Make it rain on the foes!

Wisdom Glory – Despite looking lượt thích a chunky, xanh hunk of metal, the Wisdom Glory has a nasty surprise for any enemy wave it encounters. It fires a barrage of shots in a wide tín đồ pattern, hitting several enemy ships at once. This ship excels at crowd control và can cause continuous damage lớn bosses while you focus on dodging attacks.

Unfortunately, it fails where the Hurricane Hawk succeeds: rapid, focused damage. Either way, the Wisdom Glory offers good damage output đầu ra if you have a defensive playstyle since its wide arc of bullets allows the player khổng lồ hit the enemy even if they are on the other side of the screen or while they are busy dodging.

Simply upgrading these three ships will not only save you gold, but by the time you have succeeded in making all of them strong, you’ll be able lớn make your rarer ships more powerful because you’ll have gained more gold than you started with.

To put this into perspective, investing in these three will be super cheap since you only have them to lớn worry about. If you might have bought the Thunder Blade early (which costs 20k gold), you will have to upgrade that one, too, but the 20k has already blown a hole in your finances.

Speaking of things being blown up, let’s not have your ship be one of them!

3. Dodge!

It’s good practice!

This is the quintessential method of survival in any shmup! Dodging is what keeps any shooter intense & fun, especially if they’re bullet hells lượt thích Touhou or pseudo-bullet hells lượt thích Gemini Strike. Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter, on the other hand, plays similarly to lớn these as the game gives you a neat little way to lớn dodge any form of oncoming enemy fire.

Your ships, though wide và much bigger than the ships on the hostile alien fleet (save for the bosses, of course), are actually not vulnerable in all areas. Your ships only truly blow up if they are hit in the absolute center. This tiny area should allow you lớn weave through enemy fire like a leaf in the wind.

If the bullets pass your wings or your ship’s nose, your ship will not be affected. But if you take a direct hit from anything that hits you dead center, well, let’s just say you’ll have a great view of the whole galaxy around you và the enemy fleet mocking you for failing to lớn dodge their shots.

Sometimes you have to watch your back, too. When a group of enemy ships come up from behind you, move your ship forward và observe their patterns. Collision is one of the many pilot killers in this game.

Arguably, you can also practice dodging during a wave of asteroids. Certain asteroids split into smaller, indestructible chunks. These chunks are a little bit hard lớn see (unless they are teal-colored), but as long as you observe the movement of the asteroids, you should be able to lớn slink your way through them without a hitch.

Bullets on the other hand are a little bit more complex. While the basic enemy bullets are bright yellow rockets that travel in a straight line, they may occasionally fire red laser bolts upon death to try and take you out in a flash. These bolts either fly straight or they follow your ship; the latter is more dangerous so be on the lookout for these at all times. The red laze bolts will only be fired coming from enemies that have small, red, pulsating auras on them.

Another dangerous bullet khổng lồ look out for are the red bombs; hefty rockets that disperse a shockwave after exploding. In higher difficulties, this shockwave lingers. Touching them will mean your end.

Instead of making wide, drastic movements to lớn avoid enemy fire, try to lớn squeeze in between bullets khổng lồ maximize your damage output. In a way, you’re dodging enemy fire whilst firing back at them. This tactic will allow you to lớn gradually destroy them.

As powerups rain, taking them should be a piece of cake. But what if you’re caught in a storm of bullets & the next nâng cấp for your gun started to lớn make its way down one side of the screen?

4. Vì chưng Not Get Greedy

A shame that nâng cấp Stone is way over there. It’d be an even bigger shame if you were shot down on the way there.

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Greed is the killer of many a pilot, especially in this game. Sometimes a powerup could come around and appear on the other side of the screen while you are being barraged by enemy fire. Don’t get it.

Your priority should be the annihilation of the enemy fleet. As much as possible, you should exercise patience & prudence. What we mean is that if you see something you can collect và it’s in a place too dangerous, ignore it. It should come around again another time and perhaps, you’ll be luckier.

Staying alive will always be more important than risking your ship to lớn get that one vật phẩm since death isn’t exactly a slap on the wrist in this game. You could spend gold, watch an ad, or even use crystals to revive (we will discuss this later).

Much like what we touched upon earlier, your gold usage can actually contribute to your survival và success through every level. Here’s how.

5. Use Boosters Whenever Able

A lot to choose from before a mission. Take your pick.

Before you start your flight, you will be shown a screen of various items. These are boosters. Buying any of them will slightly increase your chance at success. For instance, the first two boosters increase the likelihood of you picking up ship upgrades as well as super modes. Beware that using these (if you don’t have any) will cost you gold.

Below that section is an icon of the Pulse Blast. Upon tapping it, you are given the chance lớn start with a ship of your choice (see thắng lợi #2). The Wisdom Glory & the Hurricane Hawk are equally worth 500 gold và the other ships are slightly more expensive.

If you excel in any of these three or have a later ship that has been upgraded, don’t be afraid to buy these. Piloting a ship you are comfortable with is what matters the most in a mission và it gives you an edge in completing it.

Speaking of an edge, here’s a brief technique that could help you dispatch the enemy slightly more quickly.

6. Rush Your Shots

Your shots travel in a straight path & there is a way you can group them together for extra damage. For some ships, this technique will work. Because we suggested using the first three ships, this technique will definitely come in handy.

As you let your ship fire at the enemy fleet, lightly jerk it forward and bring your ship back to its original position in one quick motion. This will cause your shots to lớn group and converge, causing a minute burst of damage to any enemies hit. Doing this could easily allow you to lớn eat through the enemy fleet and take out any of their dangerous ships right away.

This technique is especially useful if your ship has not yet picked up any upgrades. Think of it as your ship trying khổng lồ fire two or three shots at once. If they all hit the enemy, that enemy will be so much closer khổng lồ destruction since the shots behind that burst will fill it with holes right after.

Pulling this off is quite rewarding since a whittled-down enemy fleet will allow you khổng lồ breathe. Eventually, you’ll also realize that this technique helps in the higher difficulties.

7. Raise The Difficulty For Better Rewards

After completing a couple of missions in the campaign, you will be able to lớn raise the difficulties of previous stages. Here, the enemies will be much more difficult lớn defeat. But what good will that vì chưng if your rewards remain the same?

Don’t worry! After completing harder missions, your reward yield will increase drastically. This means more gold, upgrade stones, and more goodies lớn be had. The increase in gold certainly makes for more upgrades for your ships.

Be warned that in higher difficulties, some of the behaviors of the enemy’s bullets as well as the enemies themselves will change drastically. For instance, some of them will have lingering shockwaves, they fly faster at you, etc. The enemy might even be more aggressive as they will put their ships to hyperdrive và attempt lớn ram your ship at full speed.

Completing missions should be a no-brainer: get to the last wave, beat it, và you win. But if you can’t win, there are still some ways that could help you.

8. Ads Will Help You Win

Ads are a love or hate feature in many di động games today — some players love them for the freebies they give while others absolutely despise them for breaking their immersion or interrupting their game time. For Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter, ads come with a slew of benefits for every player, so consider what we have lớn say here.

After completing any mission, you are given the choice khổng lồ double your gold by watching an ad. This is an opportunity that shouldn’t be passed since gold & upgrades are the heart of your success in this game.

Another part of Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter that features ads is a reward page where after viewing a number of ads, you receive a reward. Some of the rewards available are crystals. What are you waiting for? Get watching!

The best benefit ads can give you in this trò chơi is an extra life after you’ve crashed your ship. The game will occasionally allow you khổng lồ revive yourself using a reasonable sum of gold or by watching an ad. Right after that, it’s using crystals.

Death và dying is a normal part of this game. Just because you can’t beat a certain level doesn’t mean you should give up. That’s why you should…

9. Never Be Afraid to Start Over

You failed to lớn dodge that one bullet và you’re only at the first wave! Don’t spend your gold or waste your time watching an ad; start over!

The reason behind this is that dying so early into the mission can be quite common among players of Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter. Lớn circumvent frustration và financial loss, only consider pressing forward if you are halfway through or far into the mission. To lớn be exact, if you die anywhere before Wave 5, don’t bother spending your gold or watching that ad. Instead, save it for when you are beyond that.

To give another example as lớn why this is important, you are only given two lives per mission. As we’ve mentioned in the previous item, your first life can be bought with gold và by watching an ad, and your second life can be bought with a crystal.

If you die in Wave 3 và revive, then die in Wave 4, you might die again và fail the mission entirely. You’ll have spent that crystal for nothing. That’s why starting over is important.

If you feel that the campaign is too hard for you, you could always take a break from it by visiting the PvP section of the trò chơi (if you aren’t going lớn put your phone down yet).

10. Try PvP Once In A While

A shmup with PvP? Oh yeah!

The way PvP works in Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter is essentially that you và an opponent (or opponents) go head khổng lồ head in a match of survival and quick thinking. You will be pitted against each other and the person to outlast their opponent(s) is the winner.

Between each wave, three random power-ups will appear before the player & taking any of them could result in various things. Some of the vanilla upgrades are still there but others will allow you khổng lồ drop traps into an opponent’s game in an attempt to lớn take them out. Adding khổng lồ this are different ships that you have not yet unlocked và many of these are quite powerful.

PvP in Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter requires quick decision-making where the idle pilots fall first. It’s intense, it’s brutal, it’s not for everyone. But if you’re after even more crystals và if you’re out lớn prove lớn the world that you’re the greatest pilot the galaxy has ever seen, then this mode is for you.

Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter is a reasonably difficult shooter out there khổng lồ challenge both new players & veterans alike. If you feel like you’re up to thử nghiệm your skills, the game is worth your time. We certainly hope that this guide has prepared you or even propelled you forward in your quest to make the galaxy a safer place.

Got something lớn tell us? vì chưng you have more tips or tricks to add to this list? Drop them in the phản hồi section below!



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