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One Piece: 5 Ways Niteo Robin Changed Since She Was Introduced (và 5 Ways She Stayed The Same) Niteo Robin went from villain to lớn anh hùng in One Piece. Let"s take a look at how else she changed or stayed the same throughout the series.

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Miss All Sunday Nico Robin
Niteo Robin is the archaeologist of the Straw Hats & one of the main characters in One Piece. She had one of the more interesting stories out of the members Luffy recruited into the crew, và was directly opposed to lớn the crew for some time.

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She"s also one of the only members who actually invited herself into lớn the group. She started off as mysterious and secretive sầu, but she"s opened up to her new family and shown different sides of herself over time. While she"s undergone many changes since she appeared in Alabasta, there"s still plenty of things about Nico Robin that have sầu wonderfully stayed the same.

Miss All Sunday Niteo Robin
When Niteo Robin was first introduced, she was the right hvà of Crocodile and a member of Baroque Works. She và her group were the main antagonists of the Alabasta arc và actively opposed the Straw Hats. However, she saved Luffy a couple of times throughout the arc, showing that she wasn"t all bad. Eventually, after Luffy in turn gave her the will to lớn keep living, she snuông xã aboard their ship and joined the crew. She"s now a treasured member of the Straw Hats.

Niteo Robin reading poneglyph
From her very first scene where she was toying with the Straw Hats, it was clear that Robin was incredibly intelligent. This was further proven as her backstory was revealed, showing that she grew up among mỏi scholars and did plenty of learning on her own. She is still one of the smarthử nghiệm Straw Hats, & is the only known person in One Piece who can read the ancient writing of the Poneglyphs. Even in battle, she is shown making smart và tactical decisions rather than just diving in headfirst.

Niteo Robin pre timeskip post timeskip
Like many of the Straw Hats, Nico Robin"s appearance changed significantly after the timeskip. She transitioned from being thin lớn having more of an hourglass figure, as well as her dark skin becoming much more fair.

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Her shoulder-length straight hair also changed, growing further down her bachồng & becoming wavy. While not super obvious, her nose has also lost a lot of the definition that it had before the timeskip. She"s barely recognizable as the same person now.

7 SAME: Dark Humor

Robin Smiling
Even from the beginning, Nico Robin was prone lớn saying some pretty dark stuff. If they aren"t sure where a few of the other Straw Hats have sầu gone, she"s quichồng to lớn assume they"ve sầu died in some gruesome way. She once assumed that they had been strangled after being unable to hear their voices for a while. While she doesn"t smile or laugh when she says these things, it"s unlikely that she truly believes that these events have occurred. She also only says them near other Straw Hats, who tover to react pretty strongly lớn the suggestions.

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Nico Robin was no slouch before the timeskip, but like the other Straw Hats, she did grow stronger over those two years. She specializes in submission moves, & she was excellent at them throughout the entire show. However, she didn"t have a way lớn handle stronger or larger enemies until afterward. She can now sprout a million arms or legs at once lớn create giant limbs that she can use khổng lồ attachồng stronger foes. She"s now easily one of the stronger Straw Hats.

5 SAME: Reserved And Calm

Unlike most of the other Straw Hats, Niteo Robin doesn"t openly display what she"s feeling. Whereas the others will have comical or exaggerated reactions khổng lồ events, Robin will take them in stride. There have sầu been very few occasions where she displayed her emotions openly, and these have sầu been in extreme situations like at Enies Lobby or when confronted by the Marine Admirals. Otherwise, she will just portray her calm and neutral expression, with the occasional smile or giggle.

Niteo Robin has been hunted by the World Government since she was eight, so she knows that she"s in constant danger. She joined with the Straw Hats for a while before leaving them at Enies Lobby. She did this lớn protect them, as the people that captured her threatened to destroy them.

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After the Straw Hats grouped together and rescued her, she is now more comfortable và trusting of them. She knows they will protect her và that they are strong enough that she doesn"t need to leave to lớn protect them.

3 SAME: Love sầu For History

While she was studying on Ohara, Niteo Robin gained a love sầu and respect for history that has continued throughout the whole series. She takes every chance she can to lớn study ancient ruins & old texts, especially when the Straw Hats were on Skypiea. In one of the few moments that viewers see her truly angry, she had khổng lồ handle Yama while he was destroying these ruins. She drew him away before viciously defeating hyên, making sure he knew just how much of a sin he had committed before killing hyên ổn.

Niteo Robin & the Admiral Aokiji have sầu had an interesting history together. He was there when her home was completely destroyed by the World Government, but went against orders & ensured that she escaped. She then lived for đôi mươi years in constant fear of hlặng, dreading the day he comes for her. Once he did, she was petrified and had khổng lồ be saved by her crew who almost died. After Enies Lobby, Aokiji proves that he wants her to lớn be free & live sầu on, even going so far as to cover up their presence. They are now at the bare minimum amicable towards each other.

1 SAME: Mischievous

While Niteo Robin tends to lớn be serious and aloof, she does have a mischievous side. It began when she was a child on Ohara, where the other kids bullied her for having Devil fruit abilities. She would then use these abilities khổng lồ mess with and tease them but never cause any harm. Recently she did a similar thing to lớn Chopper, using her power to hold his arms wide before tickling hyên ổn. This is a more innocent and childish side to lớn Robin that it seems she hasn"t lost throughout her life.

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