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It’s MONOCHROMEkind of love! you know I got a soft spot when comes lớn monochrome, I really can’tdecide between these two. Gosh… what bởi vì you think, đen or trắng or both? Theseare the latest Miracle Finish cushion foundationby THE FACE SHOP, designed with upgraded luxury-sophisticated casing that comes in black and white color. It’s available in 6 types ofcushion foundations CC Intense Cover Cushion, CC Ultra Moist Cushion, OilControl Water Cushion, CC Cooling Cushion, CC Long Lasting Cushion, and BBPower Perfection Cushion that suits our skin conditions & needs.
Review THE FACE cửa hàng Miracle Finish Cushion Foundation

As you know working adults like us are always on the move, in the rush, & have to look presentable at the same time. So how we juggle all these và can still look poise. Well khổng lồ make life simple & sweet, I always look out for makeup that looks natural, long-lasting & suitable for my skin types. In the nutshell, makeup that makes me looks flawless, fabulous và fast.

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THE FACE cửa hàng Miracle Finish Cushion Foundation

Well, thenew packaging for the Miracle Finish Cushion white Collection
available inthree types of cushion foundation formula including the much-loved CC IntenseCover Cushion, CC Ultra Moist Cushion & Oil Control Water Cushion.Where elsethe Miracle Finish Cushion đen Collection available in new formula of CCCooling Cushion, CC Long Lasting Cushion, and BB power Perfection Cushion. Ohya, all the refill can be changed. Let’s start!
THE FACE shop Miracle Finish Cushion white Collection CC Intense Cover Cushion, CC Ultra Moist Cushion and Oil Control Water Cushion

Amongall this is my favorite when I travel or I know that I will have a long dayoutside. If you want a perfectly flawless & high coverage this is your answer. Itcovers the blemishes và dark spots perfectly, skin looks radiant and naturally radiant.
The Application:THE FACE shop New Miracle Finish CC Intense Cover Cushion SPF 50+ PA+++,#V201

The foundation contains ultra-fine molecules of hyaluronic acid for nourishingmoisture và lasting comfort and 7 types of flower oil và flower extract formaking dry skin dewy & radiant. Itcontains Rose flower oil that provides vitality to lớn dull complexion whilelavender oil that relaxes tired skin.
Wearing THE FACE shop Miracle Finish CC Ultra Moist Cushion SPF 50+ PA+++, #V201

This is awesomewhen I am travelling to lớn a cool country because this ultra-moisture cushionhelps to prevents chapped skin even in the winter season và covers fine linesfor a smooth radiant finishing as if applying serum. So porcelain!
This cushionfoundation provides deep moisturizing effect that contains rich amount ofskincare ingredients for dewy, glowing skin. It covers fine lines for smoothskin and provides that natural glowing skin. It contains flower extracts ofcalendula, rosemary và lavender for water full moisture.
THE FACE siêu thị Miracle Finish Cushion trắng Collection CC Intense Cover Cushion, CC Ultra Moist Cushion và Oil Control Water Cushion

OilControl Water Cushion is perfect for oily or combination skin because it comewith matte application & no shine if you want to have a fresh looking skin.Itcontains real cốt tông powder for fresh skin fix with zero oil. It is light andfresh application while delivering the finest coverage. The ingredients usedare lớn prevent sebum secretion that helps in preventing makeup from clumpingdue lớn excess sebum and maintains refreshing, bright complexion. It is perfectfor oily or combination skin because it come with matte application và noshine if you want to have a fresh looking skin.

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THE FACE siêu thị Miracle Finish Cushion white Collection CC Cooling Cushion, CC Long Lasting Cushion và BB power nguồn Perfection Cushion

This issummer love! If you are looking for an instant moisture recharge and refreshand cooling sensation for skin that is dry from the heat. It is perfect foryour summer vacation and also the weather here. This cushion foundationmoisturized the skin because it contains 70% of moisture cream và 70% skinconditioning ingredients for a dewy application.
Wearing THE FACE shop Miracle Finish CC Cooling Cushion during my beach vacation

I lovethe fresh flower scent và dewy water radiance finishing from flower water thatis made 4 types of flowers such as damask rose, chamomile, cornflower, and lotusflower. Plus it has “snow oil” formulation that delivers a refreshing sensationthat cools the skin with long-lasting light-weight, fresh moisture fornaturally radiant skin. The aqua bomb that contains large amounts of moisturecream for a dewy application.
Wearing THE FACE siêu thị CC Long Lasting Cushion SPF50+ PA+++ for a long day at work và play

Oh my… Ilove the poreless & natural radiance with no clumping & allow retouchingfor a long-lasting makeup that offers a natural glow. This is great for a hotand humid day lượt thích now, with the excellent adherence the foundation stays thesame for 12 hours even with frequent retouching and cover pores perfectly.
THE FACE siêu thị Miracle Finish Cushion Foundation

This issuch a convenient portable cushion for those using THE FACE cửa hàng PowerPerfection BB Cream. Now you can makeup on the go as well, it"s a multi-tasking bb cushion. The BB Cream helpsto maintain skin elasticity, moisture & also providing a power coverage.
The Casing: THE FACE siêu thị New Miracle Finish Cushion casings ~ available in black và white

Overall,I adored the new Miracle Finish Cushion casings, both of them, the trắng andblack. Each of the new cushion foundation has its own functions & benefits,depends on your skin conditions & also your needs. There are 2 shades available, I am using the #V201 Apricot Beige. As for me, I lượt thích the CC Intense Cover, CC Ultra Moist
and CC Cooling Cushions; these three arethe đứng top Korean foundation and the best fit for my skin type and also my lifestyle. Find your best-fit cushion foundation!
The Shade: #V201 Apricot Beige THE FACE shop New Miracle Finish Cushion

: Miracle FinishCushion Foundation is available in 2 shades #V201 Apricot Beige and #V203Natural Beige
For moreinformation about Miracle Finish Cushions by THE FACE SHOP
, please visit THE FACE cửa hàng Malaysia
written bySunshine Kelly

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