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Pride, Envy, Wrath, Sloth, Greed, Gluttony, Lust. These are the seven sins laid upon seven girls who rule over Biblia Academy. Lớn retake his world, the boy decides he must control these sins... The boy, Arata Kasuga, has had the world he knows by a mysterious "Collapse Phenomenon", & his cousin Hijiri disappears into another dimension. Lớn understand the Collapse Phenomenon và win back his cousin, he comes lớn Biblia Academy. There he finds the seven girls & their sins.

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All the perverted Issei wants is to squeeze bountiful boobs all day long, so he"s thrilled khổng lồ join Kuou Academy, a once all-female high school filled with gorgeous girls. But little did the boy know that after finally getting a girlfriend, she"d turn out lớn be a fallen angel who"d drive a lance through his heart, killing him on the spot! Luckily, the beautiful & busty Rias, his popular classmate who"s actually a demon, revives him under one condition: that he"ll become her servant. Now, Issei finds himself in the middle of a fierce chess game between demons, fallen angels and exorcists, & the fates of his new friends lie in the balance!

TagsActionEcchiFantasyHaremShounenContemporary FantasyDemonsNewly Co-ed SchoolSchool LifeNuditySexual ContentDemon King DaimaoTV (12 eps)Artland2010

Akuto không đúng enters the Constant Academy for Magick Arts hoping lớn become a high priest and change the world for the better. But when the school"s oracle declares his future profession khổng lồ be "Demon Lord", he finds himself feared và hated by the entire student population. Now, instead of making comrades & studying for his exam, Akuto finds himself fighting off monsters, bullies, & well-meaning classmates in various states of undress. If navigating a magical high school as a transfer student wasn"t difficult enough, Akuto now has to giảm giá with a cute android ordered lớn observe him 24-hours a day, the precocious attention of the flying, invisible và naked Keena Soga & the advances of the school"s most popular girl. Will he be able to lớn overcome his fate, pass his classes, and mend his friendship with the violent Junko Hattori, or will he succumb to his demonic destiny?

TagsEcchiFantasyHaremDemon KingMagicMagic SchoolOverpowered Main CharactersPanty ShotsSchool LifeNudityMagical WarfareTV (12 eps)MADHOUSE2014

Takeshi Nanase is an ordinary high school boy who has a somewhat dark past. However, one day, he comes across a girl named Mui Aiba, in a uniform he has never seen before, collapsed on the school campus. This encounters changes Takeshi"s destiny completely. Mui tells Takeshi that she is a magician, and she apologizes, for she turned Takeshi into a magician, too. What Takeshi once knew as one world is actually two — the world where magicians live & the world where humans live.

Basara Toujo is a high school student whose father has suddenly just remarried. His father then departs overseas leaving Basara with two new beautiful step-sisters. Little does he know, his new sisters, Mio và Maria are actually the new Demon Lord and a succubus!? Almost trapped into a life of servitude, Basara forms a reverse contract by accident và ends up becoming Mio’s master! Hijinks ensue as Basara finds himself in one ecchi situation after another. However, Mio’s life is in danger as she is pursued by demons and heroes!

TagsActionComedyEcchiFantasyHaremBorderline HCohabitationContemporary FantasyDemonsMagicSiblingsSupernaturalUrban FantasyExplicit SexStrike the BloodTV (24 eps)SILVER LINK.2013 - 2014

300 km south of Tokyo lies Itogami Island - a man-made landmass that’s been authorized by the government khổng lồ house spirits, vampires, mermaids, and other magical beings who’ve been pushed khổng lồ the brink of extinction. Kojou Akatsuki is one such resident who used to be a typical high school boy, until an incident 3 months ago turned him into the Fourth Progenitor - a powerful vampire - against his will. And while he’d rather stay an anonymous teenager, things change when Yukina, a sword shaman from an anti-terrorism agency, arrives with intentions to lớn watch over và potentially eliminate Kojou...

TagsActionFantasyHaremDemonsIslandMagicOverpowered Main CharactersUrban FantasyVampiresWitch Craft WorksTV (12 eps)J.C.Staff2014

Honoka Takamiya is a typical teenager; he does his classwork and admires Ayaka, the school idol, who sits next to him in class. But the boy"s life changes forever when one day, a piece of the school falls on đứng đầu of him & he"s saved by Ayaka due to... Her magical powers?! For Ayaka is a witch, & deeming Honoka to lớn be "her princess", she is determined to lớn keep the boy safe from harm. Now Honoka must try khổng lồ stay alive while countless other witches target him, learn more about Ayaka và her craft, và still try lớn maintain his school life in the process!

After saving a fairy-tale kingdom, Akatsuki returns to lớn the real world with his prize—Myuu, the busty daughter of the defeated DemonKing. It’s one hell of a happy ending until they’re forced to enroll at a school for magic users. There, Akatsuki can’t keep his hands off the girls, Myuu’s constantly ballooning measurements make her a walking wardrobe malfunction, và it seems lượt thích someone is always plotting against them.

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Only a pure maiden can have a privilege khổng lồ make contract with a spirit. In Areishia Acadamy, maidens from noble family were gathered there, giving them an elite education lớn become a spirit contractor. A boy Kamito, by an accident he peeped into a girl, Clair, who was taking a bath, và he even made a contract with spirit that she wanted. Kamio was actually an irregular male spirit contractor, which should not exist.

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TagsActionEcchiFantasyHaremLight NovelsAll-Girls SchoolBoarding SchoolMagicMagic SchoolBlade Dance of ElementalersVol: 6; Ch: 43Comic Alive2012 - 2017

Blade Dance of the Spirit Master – also known as Bladedance of Elementalers and Dance Blade of the Spirit Master, Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance – is a dazzling waltz filled with sorcery & surprising alliances! Can a cool interloper align with ancient forces without burning down the house…or forest…or school?

TagsActionEcchiFantasyHaremSeinenAll-Girls SchoolBoarding SchoolMagicMagic SchoolAdapted lớn AnimeMaryoku Zero no Ore ni wa, Mahou Kenki Saikyou no Gakuen wo Shihai dekinai... Khổng lồ Omotta? (Light Novel)Vol: 5+MF Bunko J2016 - ?

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TagsActionEcchiHaremLight NovelsMagicMagic SchoolKoi ka Mahou ka Wakaranai!Vol: 4; Ch: 33Weekly Shounen Magazine2020 - 2021

Miyamae Kaito can"t use magic at all! At this rate, his promise with his childhood friend of becoming great magic-wielders together will be ruined... When he was about khổng lồ give up on his dream, Kaito suddenly feels magic power. However, that was magic that makes people who meet his eyes fall in love with him, a "charming magic"! Being popular is fine & all, but is this kind of magic really alright!?

TagsComedyEcchiFantasyHaremRomanceShounenMagicMagic SchoolSchool LifeBlazBlue: Remix HeartVol: 4; Ch: 24Age Premium2012 - 2014

The 15th Hierarchical đô thị of Torifune is best known as the Military Academy for the NOL. There, future librarians train and hone their skills for whatever challenges may await them outside. The story centers around Mai Natsume, a girl who had just arrived late due khổng lồ a week absence, but there seems khổng lồ be several phenomenons centering around her that could be more than just coincidence.

TagsEcchiFantasyShounenBoarding SchoolGender BenderMagic SchoolSchool LifeUnbreakable Machine-DollVol: 9; Ch: 51Comic Alive2010 - 2016

In the mechanized city of Liverpool, a Japanese student & his beautiful female companion enter the most prestigious magic academy in the world–the place all puppeteers dream of going. There, students use automatons & living dolls to fight against each other in the quest to become the world’s best puppeteer.

TagsActionComedyDramaEcchiFantasyHaremRomanceSeinenBoarding SchoolMagicMagic SchoolMaster-Servant RelationshipSchool LifeAdapted lớn AnimeUnbreakable Machine-Doll (Light Novel)Vol: 17; Ch: 141MF Bunko J2009 - 2017

In the mechanized đô thị of Liverpool, a Japanese student and his beautiful female companion enter the most prestigious magic academy in the world–the place all puppeteers dream of going. There, students use automatons and living dolls khổng lồ fight against each other in the quest to lớn become the world’s best puppeteer.

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MorisotoDec 15, 2014

Trintity Seven- Well I was not sure that I was going to lớn get into this anime. The first episode was a little hard lớn follw at first. Two of the main charactersArata Kasuga and Hijiri Kasuga are living together becuase of being childhood friends and cousings (though kissing cousins is implied in the story) Then a major Collapse Phenomenon happens andHijiri gets taken by it. This leds Aratato go khổng lồ one of the country"s magic school lớn find a way to lớn get his cousin back.Upon enrolling at theRoyal Biblia Academy he finds out he is aDaemon Lord Candidate and is given theGrimiore Sorawho helpsArata become amagnus ( magnus is a old world term for a magician) He is given a tour of the school by one of his teachers who also happens lớn be one theTrinity Seven these girls are uses of the Seven Archives.The girls that ảo diệu theTrinity Seven areLilith Asami. She is theTrinity Seven of the Luxuria Archive. Her magic isOuter Alchemy which materializes in the form of three guns. One is a short barrelled pistol, The second is a Anti Material Rifle & a few times as a Bazzoka. She is also the first magican lớn aperar beforArataduring theCollapse PhenomenoninArata"s world were she was sent lớn investigate it. She also denies most frequently that she does not likeArata when it is clear that she has some sort of thing for him. She is also one of his closest Allies.HerThema is Abies.Arin Kannazuki.She is theTrinity Seven of the Ira Archive. Her magic is the one ofChaotic Rune Magic. She is very close in looks toArata"schildhood friend và cousinHijiri. She is a very stoic personality and has no reservation or shame of doing what she wants. She has been seen many times naked or implied byArata.She is also the demon kings partner. She is a ally and claims to lớn beArata"s Wife. HerThema is Ruina(which allows her lớn put up barriers và creats destuction.Levi Kazama.she is theTrinity Seven of the Invidia is a student of theRoual Biblia Academy. She is a user ofShamanic Spells and is considred one of the worlds đứng top five fighters. She is also a Ninja và is the only memeber of the Seven that has not been seen naked byArata. She is also a Ally ofArata. HerThema is Exspecto (Expectation).Mira Yamana. She is the head of Grimoire Security and thành viên of theTrinity Seven of the Superia Archive.Her orb is her grimoie. She at first had a hatered ofArata which changes lớn a mutal respect later in the seires. Her Thema is Lustitia (Justice)Mira Yamana. She is the partner of Mira in Grimoire Security and a thành viên of theTrinity Seven of Gula Archive.She is a spriggian that is from a town that was under the Sky Library that was distroyed by the Daemon King from another world Abyss Trinity. Her Mother had enough power to lớn save a single person và chose her. HerThema is Fides(faith)Yui Kurata. She is a special girl that lives in a dungeon under the school. She is a thành viên of theTrintiy Seven of the Avaritia Archive.She is a Cardinal Class mage and only second khổng lồ the schools headmaster. Yuri is able lớn reurn to lớn normal life becauseAratasaves her from aCollapsethat was happening at the school. She has a crush onArata and often kisses him on the cheek in front of others which is a no no in japanese society. She often tells Arata that he can have her any time. HerThema is Amicitia (FriendShip)Lieselotte Sherlock.She is the twin of Selina who vanished in a school library six months before she attended the school. She is theTrinity Sevens of Acedia Archive she is shy and takes pictures alot. HerThema is StagnaThere are two main grimoriesSorawhoArataholds. She was called this byHijiri before she is given toArata.Sheis also know as theAstil Manuscript.Llia she is the other grimoire thatArataholds due to lớn her trying to lớn trickArata. But to escape she needed to submit her self to him và becomes his secondGrimoire at the end.I am hoping for more great things from the Anime. There are some weak points with in the overal story. But as a whole its not bad. Its also kind of a dark sided harem anime. If you like Harem anime then you should like this one as well. There are all of the hijinks that are usually associated with this kind of anime. I overall opinion of this is 8.5 khổng lồ 9 out of possible ten. It is well done as far as the art is concered and the voice acting is not bad. I can not wait khổng lồ finish out the anime.