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First, happy birthday lớn Kim Jong Kook! This singer và variety star is 39 years old this year, born on April 25, 1976. Kim Jong Kook is a talented artist who has had a long musical career, debuting in 1995 as part of the duo Turbo, although he is now more famous as the “Commander” and “Spartakooks” of the popular SBS variety show “Running Man.” He has earned those nicknames due to his competitive and tough nature, but he has also shown he has a soft, cottony interior, which is very visible when he is around women. Let’s take at this softer side of Kim Jong Kook by running through some of his best female partners on “Running Man”!

Shin Bong Sun

This comedienne has a cute crush on Kim Jong Kook và was not afraid to show her affection for him when she appeared on “Running Man,” giggling happily when they are called a married couple. They make an adorable pair, don’t they? You can catch her crush on Kim Jong Kook in episode 9, episode 43 and episode 56.Bạn đang xem: 7 female partners that made kim jong kook blush on


Go Ara

Shin Bong Sun might have a rival in the fight for Kim Jong Kook’s affections. Go Ara gave Kim Jong Kook a fierce backhug and, in return, he made sure she was protected in a “couple” trò chơi of dodgeball, played in Episode 139.

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Moon Geun Young

Kim Jong Kook had practice in dodgeball chivalry before Go Ara with Moon Geun Young. The way he was so shy and smitten with her was probably the cutest thing ever in “Running Man.” Watch him melt with just a single word out of Moon Geun Young’s mouth:

Moon Geun Youn appeared in two episodes, giving Kim Jong Kook plenty of time lớn crush on her: episode 114 and episode 115.


Uhm Jung Hwa


Kim Min Seo

Appropriate for an episode featuring actresses who play villainous roles, Kim Min Seo was not afraid lớn anger the “Commander,” describing Kim Jong Kook as a “sister-in-law” when he nags her, and slapping him in the mouth, albeit for a skit (Episode 213).

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Ha Yeon Soo

With Ha Yeon Soo, Kim Jong Kook reenacted his greatest TV moment with Yoon Eun Hye, & showed his weakness for the opposite sex when he quickly answering the adorable actress’ request for him khổng lồ sing his hit song, “One Man.”

Ha Yeon Soo also showed herself to lớn be just as competitive as Kim Jong Kook, ordering him not khổng lồ back off until she said so when they were playing the “pepero” game. It’s funny to lớn see Park Seo Joon freaking out at how close they get, especially when he and tuy nhiên Ji Hyo were just as close (Episode 198).

Song Ji Hyo

Perhaps Kim Jong Kook’s greatest female partner is not a guest, but someone right there in “Running Man” every week with him. Put “Ace” & “Commander” together và you have a winning combination that might rival the “Monday Couple.” You can watch the two team up in Episode 79.