Uragiri wa boku no namae wo shitteiru

I'm just thinking it this the end...?_i like the kết thúc but i love to lớn see the love story of Yuki & Luka....and what happened khổng lồ Kanata & other duras(high level)in your opinion is there a season 2?i want khổng lồ have season 2.....I WANT MORE

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Im pretty sure there will be a 2nd season. After all, the war ends for now. But a new one shall continue. & seeing that the story went so well, a 2nd season will have a 99% chance for it khổng lồ be aired
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IMO there will be not second season, because manga is not too much ahead of anime, so producers would have lớn wait too long. Ah if Uragiri was so bad, then why you've watched this?
I dont think it matters if they change or make things up for a season 2... Just look at Kuroshitsuji 2... Brought a 'wtf?' from me but i loved that season. So no reason why they could vì that..anyways how it ended, its already setting up for season 2. Everything that happen in the last half mix it up..
Well if the manga reach a great popularity its possible to lớn have a second season...but in a few years. I would say they wont risk khổng lồ make a second season with original nội dung (talking about Kuro 2, for god´s sake, they should just have followed the manga which is 10000000 times better). Look at Vampire knight. The manga is like....SUPER HUGELY POPULAR. And they only made 26 eps with a open end too, so...dont know...Anyway the Uragiri manga is sooooo much better, i highly recommend it.
Hopefully not. I haven't read the manga but usually the manga is much better than the anime. If it has a second season, most likely it will derail the story and have more unneeded filler scenes.
I just finished watching it....TWICE... First was in 2010 & just now, 2017... *sigh* I just realized how I really love this animu so damn much... Hope for another season... >^+^
Is there still hope for a 2nd season?!