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Windows truyền thông media Playeris the default truyền thông player available for Windows 7, 8and10. Version 12has been enriched with additional features over the previous versions, including a simplified interface and an improved play mode.

What is Windows media Player?

Windows truyền thông Player is the famous mặc định media player in the Windows operating system. It is a very complete tool that not only allows you khổng lồ listen to lớn music & watch videos, but also has other convenient additional features, such burning CDs, synchronizingmedia files with portable players, shopping for digital nội dung online, streaming khổng lồ other devices in your network, and much more. The media player is also available for owners of a macOS-based device, making it possible lớn play Windows native truyền thông media files on your Mac.

What are the key features of Windows media Player?

Easy to use:Windows truyền thông media Player is the default multimedia player for Windows. It comes with a simple và straightforward user interface. Thanks to lớn this application, viewing or listening to lớn files savedon your computer or external storage devices becomes a piece of cake.Manage your truyền thông library:This player allows you to sort your music in your very own truyền thông media library based on different criteria, such as tuy vậy title, album, artist, date, musical genre, etc. You will also be able khổng lồ edit the metadata và see the covers of your albums.

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Create playlists: Windows truyền thông media Player 12 offers you the possibility of creating your own custom playlists from the truyền thông media files available in your library và the local folders on your device.CD ripping: You can extractmusic from your audioCDs và convert them into MP3 files. You will be able tochoose specific songs or rip the entiredisc. Furthermore, you can define the desiredbitrate and chất lượng for your đầu ra file.Compatibility: Windows media Player 12 supports a broad range of audio and đoạn phim formats, includingAVI, MP4, MOV, MKV, WMV, WMA, AAC, FLAC, MPG, M3U, MP3, & many more.


How khổng lồ install Windows truyền thông media Player?

If you are the owner of a Windows computer or laptop, Windows truyền thông media Player should be readily available on your device. Nevertheless, in case you cannot find it or if you have deleted it by accident, you can reinstall the application through the installation tệp tin that you can tải về for free on this page.

Is it free?

Windows truyền thông Player comes preinstalled with your copy of the Windows operating system. You can use this application completely không tính phí of charge.