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YouTube is a huge hub for many videos of varieties, covering movies, tutorials, and speeches, etc. The best part is that you can cốt truyện and download those resources free. & when you download YouTube videos, very often you need to lớn acquire the video subtitles as separate SST or SRT files for further studying or editing. So, in this guide, we will show 3 ways to lớn extract and tải về YouTube subtitles.

Method 1: download Subtitles in SRT/ASS from YouTube using Converter

Basically, Converter is a đoạn phim processing tool with simple editing features. But owing khổng lồ its built-in downloading engine, we can also use it for YouTube subtitle downloading, và more.

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- tải về subtitles from YouTube videos và other 1000 + UGG sites separately or in batch- Guaranteed for stable performance, user privacy và security

You can download it now and acquire YouTube subtitles by following easy steps.

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Step 1: Launch Converter

Hit Downloader > Add Video. Now you come lớn the Recorder panel of Converter.

Step 2: Analyze đoạn clip Information

Paste the YouTube URL lớn Converter analysis box và tap Analyze. Then select the desired output property from the available YouTube video resolution, format, and kích cỡ information listed up. The information of this đoạn clip is now being analyzed by Converter, và it will be shown in seconds.

Step 3: Select the Target Subtitle Language

Click Search và choose the language you need, including English, Japanese, German, Turkish, etc. Select the needed subtitle language.

download YouTube video clip with Subtitles

Step 4: tải về YouTube Videos with Subtitles

Click Done > Browse to lớn choose the video/audio output folder, và then click download. The output thư mục will pop up once it finishes downloading.

Step 5: Import the Downloaded YouTube đoạn phim to Converter

Click Back & then hit Video. There you click +Video khổng lồ import the downloaded video.

Step 6: download Subtitles from YouTube Video

Click Export Subtitle, and there you can choose the export it as an SRT or SST file. Click Done & then hit Run. You will acquire the subtitles in seconds.

tải về YouTube Subtitles

Tip: You can reset the start and end time of your video clip to tải về subtitles of the specific duration.

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Method 2: tải về YouTube Subtitles via an Online Tool

There are also some online tools which can help us with YouTube subtitle downloading as TXT or SRT format. Here we take SaveSubs as a recommendation.

Step 1: Paste the URL of a YouTube video to SaveSubs. & hit the button of Extract&Download.

Step 2: Go lớn English subtitle, & choose a format, SRT or TXT. Then it starts downloading.

Tips: You can scroll down to download dual subtitles or translated subtitles (by Google Translate) in SRT format.

download YouTube Subtitles in SaveSubs

Step 3: mở cửa and kiểm tra the subtitle tệp tin downloaded online.

Method 3: tải về YouTube Subtitles Directly within YouTube

Another quick way to tải về YouTube captions khổng lồ text can be done within YouTube. But this method is only available when there are subtitles auto-generated by YTB or closed captions uploaded by the YouTuber. Otherwise, you cannot find the mở cửa Transcript option in the tutorial.

Step 1: xuất hiện a video clip on YouTube.

Step 2: open the transcript of the YouTube video.

Click the 3-dot icon under the playback window. And hit Open transcript. Then you can find the transcript beside the video. You can toggle the timestamps to lớn copy a pure text.

open YouTube video clip Transcript

Step 3: Select them all and copy the transcript as a text.

Copy YouTube video Transcript lớn a Text


Most online YouTube subtitle downloaders save YouTube subtitles solely. If you want both YouTube videos và subtitles, multifunctional desktop software Converter exactly meets your needs. It saves files from more than 1000+ clip sites and extract multilingual subtitles in SRT or ASS format in just a few clicks.