Although King is considered one of the strongest heroes in One-Punch Man, he actually doesn"t have any superpowers. Or does he?


One-Punch Man has a convenient way of classifying heroes. Similar khổng lồ My hero Academia's Pro-Heroes Association, the nhân vật Association in One-Punch Man not only accounts for nguồn levels, but societal contributions & monster eliminations as well. What differentiates it from MHA is using letter-based ranking to lớn further divide the hero classes -- & those labeled as S-Class possess exceptional fighting ability.

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Although that should be the case, one of the S-Class heroes obtained his status by taking credit for Saitama's deeds. He literally does nothing but exist, and doesn't even have enough strength khổng lồ distinguish himself from ordinary civilians. But despite his lack of battle prowess, King might theoretically have an ability worthy of putting him in S-Class.


King's shtick is involuntarily being in the right place at the right time. He doesn't fight monsters & most definitely does not seek them out. Yet danger seems to find him for some reason, và it is eliminated without him having khổng lồ exert any effort. King also somehow gains credit from these quái thú eliminations enough times lớn be considered as an S-Class nhân vật -- as well as the strongest man on Earth. This makes one wonder if King is actually as powerless as he seems.

There's a good chance that King actually possesses an overpowered ability: extreme luck. Being able khổng lồ be on the scene whenever Saitama is wasting a boss khủng may be attributed lớn ordinary luck, but King has long since surpassed that. With the help of his prestige & fear, King has also managed khổng lồ eliminate a trùm cuối through his anxious vibration, dubbed King's Engine.

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Perhaps One-Punch Man's best example of his extreme luck in kích hoạt is when he shouted a cool-sounding technique exactly when Garo regained his consciousness & thrashed the numerous boss khủng Association executives, which also proves that King's luck is not just limited to lớn Saitama.

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King currently has no means of controlling his luck, though it perfectly complements his bluffing at times. Even so, his luck has never failed -- and there is a huge possibility that it will only get stronger henceforth. Lately in One-Punch Man, King has been more confident in trusting himself & acting according lớn his title.

In fact, Centichoro met its demise after King lured him toward Saitama. His luck is also strong enough lớn make multiple coincidences align in his favor, such as when he took credit for Garo's attack on the quái dị Association executives. Assuming that King actually has this ability và learns to lớn control it, then One-Punch Man is bound to lớn get even more interesting.