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Learn about a mysterious house in the town you live in when participating in Toca Mystery House. Players will experience a lot of magical details about the thrilling magic that the game brings. Participants will be involved in researching unique experiments & creating exceptional products. Each room in the house will bring a different exciting story for players lớn learn. Many strange stories are happening in the house, players ready to lớn find out?



Toca Mystery House is phối in a small house in the town; the advertiser allows players lớn explore và learn the small house stories. At first glance, the player will see this as a typical house, but no, strange things will happen when the player enters the house. Because of the rumors around, everyone in the town was very scared when approaching this house.

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And the player’s task is lớn break into the house lớn exploit information about those strange phenomena. The people around tell each other about the aliens living on the house’s roof because there is light coming from it. There are also rumors that the sound of children crying at night comes from the house’s bedroom. Not only that, but the house also emits a mysterious humming tuy nhiên that makes the people around feel scared & do not want lớn come near.



Toca Mystery House is a name that evokes curiosity for players, but this is a game for children, so the horror elements are only at a low level. For the most part, the images that appear in the game exude mischievousness & are incredibly adorable. The advertiser builds throughout the trò chơi with bright and eye-catching colors, pleasing all participants, especially children.

The characters are built with hilarious & unique faces và gestures. Extraordinary effects in the game such as smoke rising from the laboratory, the movement of mucus appearing in the kitchen. The trò chơi will appear characters who live in the dark & are only depicted in đen shadows combined with a scary face & sharp teeth. In addition, the sound system creates music with mysterious, gentle, và mysterious sounds.



What attracts players is that their most important task is none other than finding out the secrets in the house. Are those secrets as scary as rumors? The process of performing the task is also the time to help players answer those questions. When starting to become an experimenter, participants need lớn provide personal information khổng lồ the system.

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The system will record the information and allow the player lớn quickly immerse themselves in the adventure at this house in town. Players will be able lớn explore each room in turn & try to lớn escape the strange things that the room brings. When entering the living room, the player may meet the scary eyes of a mysterious character, use a weapon and quickly attack that frightening character. When hearing strange sounds with loud noises coming from the basement, players need to lớn calm down and find quick solutions.



Toca Mystery House provides mysterious but equally fun stories for players, especially children. At this game, players will have access to lớn funny images và participate in unlimited creativity. Not only are the mysterious stories somewhat scary, but their rich imagination will also stimulate children to participate in the game. When participating in the completion of missions, players also learn about the spells that create magical & beautiful effects.

Children will enjoy playing in the colorful environment và discovering many different stories. Players will have to lớn go through many different levels if they want to lớn escape the house safely. Overcome the onslaught of a room filled with slimes when the player gets lost in a room in the game. Any room will appear quests và at the same time bring new knowledge to participants.

Putting the task of protecting users’ personal information first, the application ensures to vì chưng that role well. Become a character who aspires lớn seek the truth và overcome the difficult tasks that appear in the mysterious house. The more levels the player passes, the more skills and knowledge that are useful for life. With a chất lượng graphics system and vivid effects, Toca Mystery House promises khổng lồ bring the best experience to lớn players.

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